For the series: “Sometimes they get back”

When in the night the Linuxian user put his hands in the shell Smile Idea the Windowsian user puts his hands to another place…RotflShame. I was driving Synaptic crazy on Ubuntu to install several network and system programs, but games too,so while Synaptic installed applications I started to find out among my several old backups,on cds and dvds since 1999, projects which I made when I was a “pischello”; (a colourful Italian translation of child). In these projects I’ve found an old game of a videopoker programmed by myself in php language. To not lose this and others projects I’m making a webpage that contains all my past present and future projects in order to save them. It’s a shame to lose something upon which I spent such a long time, and so much nightsSleep till the dawnsun, in programming these things, I forgot I always cheat the game of videopoker because i know so well all the bugs of my creations Lol !However a good programmer usually releases a history with relative documentation and files of his works (most useless too) because every personally created thing is very precious for us. By the way, whenever I could spend a little time I will publish something created by myself and if I’d have more time I will complete the projects that aren’t finished yet… Now that’s all, good bye, see you the next time Bye.